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Cosplay fun at MDC+

About The
 MDC+ Comic-Con

After creating one of the southeast's most successful Sci-fi events, Sci-fi By The Sea, which ran for a a whopping SEVEN consecutive years, the guys behind the event along with the HUGE Game of Thrones Cons held at Quex Park in 2018 and 2019 have turned their excited eyes to Marvel, DC and pretty much everything else in 2023 with MDC and are now back for 2023 with MDC+.

Expect a great family day out from a vasty experienced team and lots of memories to be made at this fantastic comic-con fest for all fans of Marvel, DC, Stranger Things, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Game of Thrones, House of The Dragons, Disney and beyond. 

MDC+ Comic Con guests

 Gerald McCarthy 

Comics available to buy at MDC+ Comic Con


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MDC+ Comic Con vehicles

 Scott Turner 

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