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More guest announcements to follow!

Meet one of the very few people that has fought a Demogorgon and survived!

We're delighted to announce that Stranger Things and Game of Thrones star, Tom Wlaschiha will be joining us at MDC+

Tom is looking forward to meeting fans and posing with our full-size Demogorgon this coming May.

Tom Wlaschiha - Autograph £45.   Photo Op £45.  Combo  £75

How to train your dragon not to eat your relatives!

Elliot Grihault's House of The Dragon character, Luke Velaryon met his grisly end in an jaw-dropping scene in the season finale, trying to escape Aemond Targaryen riding his huge (and hungry) dragon, Vhagar.

Elliot is excited to be meeting fans of the series at MDC+ on May 21st!

Elliot Grihault - Autograph £30.  Photo Op £30.  Combo £50

House of The Dragon Star, Harry Collett joins us at MDC+ this May, but did you know Harry also played Robert Downey Jnr's apprentice in Dolittle, had a cameo in the film 1917, and is set to feature in season 2 of the Golden Globe-winning House of The Dragon series?

We're thrilled to have Harry attend MDC+ this May and Harry is very much looking forward to meeting fans.

Harry Collett - Autograph £30.  Photo Op £30  Combo £50

Paul Warren is a creature actor known for playing aliens and monsters in Star Wars films and Marvel movies.


Paul began his film career as a body double for Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix and was one of the Skinny Steve Rogers VFX doubles in Captain America: The First Avenger.


More recently he was a creature performer on the television series Star Wars: Andor (performing Dr Quadpaw) and Willow on Disney+.

Paul Warren - Autograph £15 which includes a free selfie!

Yolanda Lynes copy.jpg

Actor and performer Yolanda Lynes is an amazing stunt performer and portrayed a Widow Assassin in Marvel Studio's hit movie, Black Widow. Yolanda will be joining us at MDC+ for the day to meet fans and sign autographs.

Eagled eyed gaming fans may well recognised Yolanda from the PlayStation commercial “Best of PlayStation Plus”, where she is featured in live-action games such as Call of Duty, Monster Hunter and Red Dead Redemption!

Yolanda Lynes - Autograph £15.   Photo £15. Selfie £5.

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